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HIC  Lead Network
The HIC Group has used its vast knowledge and relationships in the insurance industry to develop a Best-In-Class Lead Network.  The HIC Lead Network has been researching lead sources for over a decade and has developed relationships directly with the source.  HIC has partnered and grown with many top-notch boutique lead sources that are still “ utapped” and not watered down.  Take advantage of our SIZE and STRENGTH and get access to the best leads in the country!


Health Insurance Marketing

Real-Time Leads - FRONTERS
Get access to the best leads for a fronter program and develop your own live transfers.  This is a high volume/low cost solution of good data.

Real-Time Leads - CLOSERS
Lightly shared high quality search generated real-time health leads.  High contact rate with CPAs under $125.  Stop fighting with leads that are oversold.

Transfers developed from highly trained fronters that know the health insurance industry. Script includes knockout questions, budget and form of payment.

Fronted calls that include a 90 sec call time.  Only pay when call is over 90 seconds.

Live Transfers - ACA CALLS
Fronted calls for people looking SPECIFICALLY for an ACA approved plan.  Our trained fronters know how to filter an ACA call versus NON ACA Call.

Aged Data Library - Extensive selection from 1 day old to 1 year old.Multiple millions of records in database available for any type of model.

• Health Data - Various Types
• Prescription Data - Short to Long Form
• Rx Data - Short to Long Form
• Final Expense Data - Fresh to Aged

Let our Marketing Guru match your unique business model with the best Lead Marketing approach to achieve the lowest CPA.

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