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Call Center Services
Produce your own Low Cost / High Quality Live Transfers!!

We have put together the technology, skilled labor and lead generation to offer a total solution for agencies and call centers.

Our offshore contact center can give you the fronters you need at an unbeatable rate, without all the payroll and payroll tax hassle.

Our fronters come with a college education, years of experience in sales and the health insurance lead gen business and always fluent english speakers.

You will have access to your fronting team’s team leader and a real time Live reporting link that will give up to the second details about the activities and production of your team. An example of this “Live Link” is below the price chart.

You will provide the data the fronters will dial on. 10 fronters will produce anywhere between 100-200 daily transfers depending on the data.

We maximize on the lead penetration and fronter production by adding additional services that produce a wealth of inbound calls to the fronters that will be a higher quality call then their outbound dials. This will in turn produce more transfers for your office. 

Additional services:

• Voice Mail Drop Tech - Produces an average of 300 - 600 inbound calls per day

• Voice Broadcast - Produces an average of 500 - 1000 inbound calls per day
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